California Part 1

Kyle was in a wedding this past weekend in California. It took place where we used to live on the beautiful Central Coast. It was a great excuse for us to escape and take a vacation. We spent the first four days of our trip in the Pismo Beach/San Luis Obispo area.

airportAt the airport at about 5:30 am, she did pretty well.

dscn10121On Thursday, we drove to San Simeon to see the Elephant Seals. This is one of the few places that they come in and beach. Quite a sight to see.


Getting ready to head to the beach. Notice the house in the background, we were so blessed to have a place to stay for free. Friends of ours let us stay and take care of their dog while they were gone for the week, unfortunately though we didn’t get to spend time with them since they were gone.

beachShe actually enjoyed the sand this time, last time she wanted nothing to do with it.

It was so great being back in California. I’m sure some day Kenedee is going to wonder why we ever moved from such a beautiful place. More pics. to come from the second part of our trip to Disneyland!!!



Catching Up

Wow! The past two weeks have been crazy busy…haven’t had time to post. So….here’s a quick post about Easter. Over the next few days I’ll try and post some on our trip to California, sad that it went by so fast, but we had a blast. Anyway, more on that later. This Easter was different for us because it was the first Easter we didn’t have Mimi (the best mother-in-law ever) in town to celebrate with us since KJ has been in this world. We still had fun, but it would have been great to have her here.

dscn0926This was the first egg hunt of the day. We went to our community center which holds a huge egg hunt every year. It’s usually very busy and hard to find a parking spot for maybe 5 minutes of entertainment, still fun.

dscn0949Later that afternoon it was on to Trinity for another egg hunt and party. Here is Kenedee watching a musical performance, notice her friend Shiloh next to her covering her ears…the music was a bit loud.

dscn0973Of course what would the Saturday before Easter be like without dying eggs. This year we didn’t have much of a color variety, they all turned out to be some sort of shade of pink or purple…I wonder why?

dscn0974My pretty little girl on Easter morning showing off her goodies in her basket.

dscn0979I heart her!!



Straight out of the 80’s……well sort of.

We took a group of students bowling the other night, the theme was supposed to be 80’s bowling. So, the students and sponsors were to dress in their best 80’s gear. Not many students participated in dressing up, but it was still fun.







Surprisingly, she actually kept the headband on for a while. You can’t tell from the picture much, but she has bright purple eyeshadow on. She was so excited to get into Mommy’s make-up. (I only keep the purple eyshadow around for events like this I promise)










This would be my husband Kyle looking oh so fine sporting the mullet. I have to say I’d take his bald head over this look any day.











This would be my mom, doesn’t she look good? She really went all out.









Apparently I missed the memo on dressing up. Actually, I didn’t have much to work with from my own clothes and didn’t have time to go look for something. Maybe next time.

First Bike

Just another reminder that my baby girl is getting older. Kenedee received an unexpected gift card the other day to Toys R Us, we decided to use it towards the purchase of her first bike. She didn’t know about this at all, we went shopping while she was at preschool. We settled on a cute little Schwinn that is very girly and happened to be on sale. Unfortunately it started raining so we brought her to Trinity to let her unveil it and go on a ride.

dscn0843dscn0851I think her favorite part about the bike is this little pouch, the first thing she wanted to do was to find stuff to put in it.

She is still trying to get the hang of it. You can view a video here. She hasn’t quite figured out the back breaks and doesn’t realize that when she pushes back she stops. I think she did pretty well for her first time.


Cousinly Love

Our niece, Makenna from Florida is on town visiting for the week. She stayed with us last night, Kenedee was so excited to have her stay over. Makenna is almost 4 years older than Kenedee, it was Kenedee’s first time having a “sleepover” at our house. Makenna arrived a bit late in the evening, so we let them stay up a little later and play. We let them play downstairs for a little while (Kenedee was perfectly content playing downstairs with Makenna without us around; we asked her if we could play with them and she very kindly said, “No”.) 

So, when it was time to come upstairs and get ready for bed, Kenedee comes in the living room and says, “We spilled the baby juice in the microwave”. We thought maybe she was talking about her baby’s juice bottle in her microwave in her play kitchen.  Little did we know this is what we were going find:

dscn0828What you’re looking at is her Baby Alive sippy cup melted all over the real microwave!  They had taken the baby alive juice powder, poured it into the sippy cup and then put it into the microwave and set it for who knows how long; but long enough that it melted all over. Kenedee was so upset, I think she thought she was going to be in trouble. When Kyle came upstairs after making the discovery, she put her lip down and said, “It was my idea.” Poor thing. She then began telling us the reason they put it into the microwave was because that was how they thought the powder turned into liquid. Well, it did morph into some sort of liquid once the plastic melted into it. Thankfully, it cleaned up easily and Kenedee now knows not to touch the microwave unless mommy and daddy are present.


After this little mishap, the girls brushed their teeth and picked out books to read. We decided to let them sleep in the same bed, a first for Kenedee.

dscn0831Kenedee, of course wanted Makenna to read to her. I think she liked having somebody a little closer to her age that could read to her.

dscn0832Of course all the animals had to join them in bed as well.

dscn0833The girls right before we turned out the lights and said good night. KJ wanted the bed from her quilt, hoping she might sleep better with it.

dscn0834After about an hour and a half of  us being called into the room for different requests and the girls chatting away, we finally decided it was best that Kenedee just sleep in her own bed. I guess she’s not quite ready for sleepovers yet, unless she sleeps in her own bed. It was still fun!