Can’t Beat the Heat

HEAT_WAVE_072605It has been blazing hot here this week. The kind of heat that you have to almost catch your breath the minute you step outside. We’ve tried to keep cool going to the pool. Kenedee has even caught on. In fact, I have to agree with her statement she made yesterday while driving in the car. “Mommy it’s hot, I don’t like it when it’s hot. I want to go back to California where it’s cold (meaning not as hot as it is here).” Amen to that!


Beat By My 3 yr. Old

When our nephew was over the other day we all went bowling. He had never been in his 11 years of life, we were very excited to be able to go with him for the first time, plus we had passes to bowl 4 free games so all we had to pay for was our shoe rental.

DSCN1481He did pretty well for it being his first time.

DSCN1503She was so focused on making sure the ramp was straight in line, and of course what girl can bowl without a pink ball?

DSCN1509Yes, you’re seeing this right. The 1st “K” with a score of 103 is KJ’s score and notice my score of 84. Although, not to make excuses, but she did have the advantage of the ramp and bumpers. I’m okay with that though, it was still fun.


Life With Four Children

Kyle and I had the opportunity to watch some of our friend’s children the other night. We also had my nephew over to spend the night. So, we were able to experience what it was like having four children. (ages 18mon, 3 1/2, 4 1/2, and 11)

DSCN1479We even had the our friend’s minivan that we used, which really added to the experience. I had to run into Walgreens to grab something so we decided to take all the children with us to see what it was like.

DSCN1480Thankfully we had our eleven year old nephew with us, he was a huge help. I suppose that is what larger families do, they lean on the older ones to help out with things. It really wasn’t that bad having four kids around, of course it was only for about an hour, I suppose it would be much different if that was life everyday.


White Chocolate Wonderful

1224464018-98412_fullI have a new found love, for a particular peanut butter that is. I heard my friends talk about this a few months ago and would eye it every time I went to the store. I wouldn’t buy it though because I couldn’t justify spending $5 on a jar of peanut butter, even if it was White Chocolate Wonderful. Well, I finally gave in last week and it’s worth every penny I must say. It’s so good on bananas, graham crackers, or just a spoonful by itself. If you can find it, I urge  you to try it. If they don’t carry it in you local store, you can go here and order it. It’s so yummy!

Strawberry Festival…Not So Much

Over the weekend, we went with some friends to the annual Kimmswick Strawberry Festival. We were anticipating enjoying all things strawberry, not so much. In fact, out of all the vendors, there was only one booth actually selling strawberries and one that had a few strawberry desserts to choose from. I was expecting to come home on strawberry overload, guess I was wrong. The kids still had a wonderful time on the rides and games.

DSCN1465It was great to hang out with friends we don’t often get to, but I don’t think I’ll be attending the Strawberry Festival next year.

New Found Friendship

Over the past week, Kenedee has made friends with the little girl just down the street, we’ll call her “L”. It started off with them trying to have a conversation from across the street, they were both yelling at each other, so funny. Then “L” crossed the street a few days ago after getting permission from her momma and she’s been over almost every day since. It’s so funny, because I think she waits for us to get home and then she runs inside to ask if she can come over and play. She’s a few years older than KJ, but they manage to play along fairly well together. It’s nice being able to reach out and build community with our neighbors. “L” ‘s mom came over on Monday night to pick her up and stayed for a while and chatted in the backyard with us.

DSCN1443DSCN1444Here’s the pair playing at the sand/water table. When we bought it, we had told Kenedee to try and keep the sand on sand side and water on the water side. So, the day we set it up, “L” came over to play and what’s the first thing she does? She takes a big scoop of sand and dumps it on the water side. Oh well, right?