You asked….here they are.

I had somebody recommend that I post some of the previous pics. of Kenedee from prior visits to the zoo, so here they are:

This was Kendee’s first visit to the zoo shortly after we moved here, she wasn’t quite big enough yet to be measured up to the chart, but if I had to guess I’d say she was about the size of a meerkat or red tailed hawk.

She was 16 mon. in the picture, almost the size of a koala.

She is 22 mon. in the picture, the size of a koala bear.

And here she is closely approaching 3, just shy of the size of a river otter.

Seeing all of these pictures is just a reminder of how fast it has gone by, I can’t believe she is going to be 3 in a couple of months, everyone is so right when they say, “It goes by so fast!” I love and adore her so much.


Family Night (Day) #4

Well, we decided to do our family time during the day today. My sister is in town this week, so it just worked out better to do a family day today since we were already planning on going to the zoo today. So, we decided to do an animal theme day.

We started the day off by going to a potter studio and Kenedee picked out an otter to paint, or as she would say, “No Momma it’s a seal.”

She was quite the little artist, the otter is going to be very colorful.

We spent the afternoon at the zoo, which was the inspiration for the theme.

We’ve taken her picture at this spot every time we’ve gone to the zoo. She’s almost as tall as a river otter.

Throughout the day, we snacked on animal crackers.

So, that was our family time today. We had checked out some animal books at the library for Kenedee to look at while we were at the zoo and try and find the animals in the book. However, in the chaos of getting everything together, they got left at home, oh well! It was a fun low key family day!

Room Time

 Well, Kyle and I started this new thing with Kenedee.  I actually got the idea from a cousin of mine.  Every day (well we try and do it every day) we have a time for Kenedee to go and play in her room. We put on some music for her, usually we start out playing with her but then she gets time to herself.  It’s gone pretty well, there have been a couple of times where she’s said she is done after about 5-10 minutes, which is fine because we don’t want to force it on her. However, on they days where she’s stayed in there longer it’s been nice because I can get things accomplished that I need to do. It also frees up time for me to play with her so I’m not always saying, “Hold on a minute, let me do this real quick”, or “Let me do this first and then we’ll play.” It also teaches her to play independantly, which I think is something that is good for her; after all she is Miss Independant with just about everything else.

Family Night #3 – Opaa!

In case you hadn’t already guessed, we went with a greek theme for our family night.  Yes, toga parties aren’t only meant for fraternities and sororities. We had a little trouble getting Kenedee to keep the toga on, but just as before, she left it on for a picture.

This would be her trying to hide from us so she didn’t have to put the toga on.

Surprisingly, we managed to get a smile out of her. The toga came off shortly after this pic.

The activity of the evening was bobbing for grapes. Kenedee and Kyle don’t like olives, so we had to make a bit of an adjustment. She only did it once and then realized it was easier to just use her hands to get the grapes out of the bowl.

On the menu was our own version of gyros, (without lamb), hummus with pita bread, and I made baklava. 


Once again family night was a success, we made  it through without too many tears. For more great family night ideas, visit this blog.

This is what happens when…

We are in a hurry to try and get a walk in before our family night dinner.  Kenedee needed shoes on and I told her it didn’t matter which ones she wore.

Who would have thought black boots could go with this outfit? Just one of those mommy moments where I had to allow it because after all I did say that it didn’t matter. Oh well, she ended up taking the boots off in the wagon about a minute after we rolled out of the driveway.

Apple Doll

Well, here it is, the apple doll that we started on our family night. It’s definitely different, however Kenedee enjoys it.

She decided to dress it up in Cinderella’s dress.

Oh so proud of her one of a kind apple doll.


Even in the rain…

Kyle has been training the last few months to run a half marathon.  So yesterday was the big day.  The weather not the greatest to be running in, it was cold and rainy.  He did really well, and I was out there cheering him on.  He was a little disappointed because they got cut off at 10 miles because part of the course was flooded.  I’m still proud of him.

A couple of our students decided to join me in the rain.

We had even made shirts, well actually Kelsey did all the work, she’s so creative.

Somehow he’s still cheerful after waking at 4:00 am and running 10 miles in the cold rainy weather.