Family Night #10: New Tradition

We are trying to come up with some Christmas traditions to be carried out every year; things that Kenedee will remember when she is older. So, I saw this idea on a blog that I follow. We put Kenedee to bed a little earlier the other night, waited about 10 minutes and then went in and woke her up.

dscn0192dscn0193This is the look of confusion we received when we walked in the room. She didn’t quite know what to think of us getting her out of bed, she’s used to us trying to keep her in bed.

dscn0195Once we explained what we were going to be doing, she was ready to go! She was so excited that she was getting to go out of the house in her new Christmas jammies (which is another tradition we started-she’ll get a pair every year).

dscn0198We went to Starbucks and indulged in a salted caramel hot chocolate (one of my favorites right now). It was extra special for Kenedee because she had her very own Starbucks cup to drink out of. After Starbucks, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights, a little disappointed that not too many houses around here had them up, but Kenedee didn’t seem to notice. She kept saying how it was a special night and that we won’t do it every night. I’m thankful for the idea and look forward to it again next year.


Our Little Bean

When I went to the doctor last week for my first prenatal visit, I had been having some left sided abdominal pain. I was so nervous and paranoid that something was wrong. Fortunately, the doctor decided to do an ultrasound and I’m happy to report everything was fine. I was able to see and hear the heartbeat, at just 6 weeks; simply amazing.


She Makes Me Giggle

While I was at work the other day, Kyle was home with Kenedee.  This is how she came  out of the bathroom after going potty.

dscn0075I’m amazed that she was able to make it down the hallway without running into anything.

dscn0076I have no clue where she gets these ideas. When asked why she did it, she simply said “Because I was trying to be funny.” I love this age and all of her creative play.

O Christmas Tree

We were finally able to find a day to go and get our Christmas tree. We try and do it the day after Thanksgiving, but this year it didn’t work out that way with us being out of town. So, we went on Friday, which was Kyle’s day off. We went in the morning, which was so nice because we were the only ones out on the lot.  It was so cold, and of course it took what seemed like forever for us the to find one that we all liked. But  that’s just part of the experience, right?


dscn0054Helping Daddy cut the tree down.

dscn0050She was still smiling after being out in the cold for so long. She did so well. Of course the tree we found was at the very back of the lot so Kyle had to haul it quite a ways. 

dscn0072The final result. The tree was a little bit shorter than what we had thought, they always look so much taller when you’re out on the lot. At least we didn’t go the Griswold route and get a tree that was enourmous.

dscn0066She was so excited to put the new ornament on the tree that her Mama got her. This year was fun decorating because she was actually able to hang the ornaments on the tree by herself.

Family Night #9: Everything Ginger

There wasn’t a whole lot of thought put into this family night. It was simple, but fun. We went with a ginger theme for tonight, figured it was perfect for the Christmas season.

dscn0023On the menu for the night was ginger sesame pork, gingerbread shaped rolls and I even put a little twist on green beans and sauteed them in a ginger sesame soy sauce that I kind of made up. They surprisingly tasted really good.

dscn0021What better drink to complement our meal than a little ginger ale. (Thanks for the idea Kels.)

dscn0028Kenedee actually ate a little bit of everything which is quite rare for her. She is such a picky eater these days. I’m hoping she gets over it soon.

dscn0043We ended the night by starting to make our own gingerbread house. We didn’t realize it was going to be such a long process, so Kenedee and I decorated it today. This is the finished piece.

Family night was fun, and I think Kenedee is starting to enjoy them more and more so she is willing to participate a little bit more. I don’t think we’ll be able to do them every week, but we try and fit them in when we can.