Princess Kenedee

Our children’s ministry department planned an event called Children of the King, Kenedee was told about it a couple of months ago and was so excited. In fact, so excited, that any time we mentioned something going on in the month of March, she would say, “No, we can’t do that, that’s when the prince and princess party is.” So, we would have to explain that the party was only one day in March and not the whole month. After discussing what she should wear with her 5 year old boy pal, she decided on her blue Tiana dress.  All the children had a great time.

This is her wagon that was transformed into a carriage.

Having a tea party.

Showing off her fabulous crown she designed with one of her other princess friends.

She had a really great time, her prince (who was the boy she discussed her attire with) wasn’t able to make it though, because he was sick. Surpisingly, she didn’t get too upset, in fact I don’t even know that she noticed he wasn’t there, she was having so much fun.