I Heart Kyle

My husband, Kyle is the best ever! He is so patient and loving. Last week was somewhat of a rough week, I was just having one of those girly emotional weeks where everything seemed to bother me. On Thursday night I had somewhat of a meltdown. He is so great to put of with me when I have these moments.








So, today when he came home for lunch, this is what he had for me. I love it that he does little things like this for me; definitely one of my love languages. I’m hoping this will be a better week than last and this definitely is a good start!


Tasty Tasty Club

So, we started this new thing with Kenedee called the Tasty Tasty Club in an effort to get her to eat a better variety of foods. The idea was not my own, it was from here. The reason for doing it is because Kenedee can be somewhat of a picky eater and I refuse to make a separate meal just for her. So, we printed off our Tasty Tasty Club punch card and every time she ate a serving of vegetables or a serving of something she claimed she didn’t like, she got a hole punch. Once she reached 7 punches (which took almost a month), she was able to pick somewhere to go to get a special treat. It’s been great because she has now discovered that she actually likes green beans, corn, and carrots (but only if they’re cooked).

So, for her special treat she decided to go to Fritz’s, which is a frozen custard place around here, very yummy. 

dscn0817Notice, we’re eating it in the car; normally we would enjoy it sitting outside, but  it was around 50 degrees outside, not the best weather for frozen custard. I was shocked at how many people were there too!

dscn0818I’m so thankful for the idea of the Tasty Tasty Club, so if you have a picky eater, maybe you should give it a try. We’ll see how long it takes her to fill up her second punch card and where she picks to go next.

I Might Have A Diva On My Hands

I think Kenedee might be in love with fashion a little too much for her age. As we all know, scarves are in right now.  I was just playing around the other day and put a smaller one I had on Kenedee, not expecting that she was going love it. She ended up wearing it most of the day and then this morning when Kyle got the basket of scarves/belts/ties out, she said “I want to wear my scarf.”

dscn0799She also loves her new Crocs ($5) find at the Crocs outlet. However, the pink ones we got her, she isn’t too crazy about wearing them because they don’t have jibbitz.

dscn0805I can’t pull off big sunglasses, but she sure did love trying them on when we were in Target.

dscn0811What better way to entertain a toddler than to let them try on all sorts of sunglasses, she loved it! Although, I really don’t get the point of these glasses.

Pure Exhaustion

dscn0798Kenedee has gone the past few days without a nap.  We’ve been spending time with Kyle’s mom (Mimi) and decided to skip naptime so she could see more of her Mimi whom she absolutely adores. I think today it finally caught up with her. She fell asleep shortly after dropping Mimi off at the airport. She stayed asleep through a stop at the Starbucks drive through and being carried into the house; where she laid with Kyle for quite a while and slept. It was so sweet, he glanced over at me and said, “I miss this.”  I miss those moments too when I could just hold her in my arms and she would drift off to sleep.  Those moments don’t occur much anymore which is just another reminder of how much she is growing up. She is becoming my little girl which I love, but just wish it didn’t seem like it was going by so fast.

It’s Great to Be Home

While I very much enjoyed the week in Chicago with a few of our middle school students, I am very glad to be home. It was great to come home to a clean house (thanks to Mimi) and my sweet little Kenedee greeting me at the door.

dscn0786Home is where Kenedee gets to wear whatever she wants when we’re just hanging out in the house. From this picture you can see how she can get pretty creative in what she picks out.

dscn0787Home is also where Kenedee likes to play beauty shop and where Kyle lets her put make-up on him.

dscn0795You can’t tell very well in this pic., but Kyle had bright pink lipstick on thanks to his little “professional” as she call herself. She said the he looked gorgeous.

dscn0797See what a beautiful job she did painting his nails. 


Embracing Chicago

chicago11This week, we are “embracing” the city of Chicago with five our junior high students. We’ve had the chance to work at an early childhood learning center every day. We’ve worked in a soup kitchen and also worked at a food depository. It’s been fun having a small group of students. Kyle and I are able to serve together which I love. This is the first mission trip for each one of the students and they are doing so great. I’m hoping the Lord really works in their hearts and they are able to bring something home with them from this week. We still have a day and a half left of serving; I’m really excited about tonight which will be when we are immersed into the city of Chicago and given $2 each to try and find dinner on, we’ll see what the students come up with, I think it will be a very eye opening experience. So, just be praying that they will come home changed. Kyle has been updating his blog with more details of what we’ve been doing, so feel free to check it out.

Entering Nazarenedom…

Every year the Nazarene Church holds a youth competition. Our district (Missouri Disctrict) calls it Blast. It’s where students from all around Missouri can use some of the gifts God has blessed them with by competing in many different areas like sports, drama, signing, and art. Our Trinity students are participating in basketball, football, volleyball, and we have one very talented lady singing. The boys unfortunately lost both of their games last night, so they’re out. They sure did play their little hearts out though. The girl’s volleyball has won both of their games and will play more today. Football starts today and I’m getting ready to go watch Avery sing. I’m hoping our students enjoy it this weekend and not worry about winning or losing and just have fun.