Jesus and Jeans

jesus-and-jeansIf you’re looking for a new book to read, I have a great one. I am only a few chapters into it, but I’m loving every word. It’s titled, “All I Need is Jesus and a Good Pair of Jeans”. by Susanna Foth Aughtmon. It’s helping me realize that it’s okay to have my faults, as every woman does, but that Jesus loves us no matter what and accepts us the way we are. So, if you feel like you may be a “tired supergirl“, this book is the one for you.


Prepare My Heart

Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of the Lent season. This is a time when many give up (fast) something. This year I have chosen to give up all drinks except water and no more late night snacking. I am hoping this will be a season of reflection and renewal for me. I will be taking part in our Ash Wednesday service at Trinity, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve never done it before and am asking the Lord to prepare my heart for what he will show me during these next 40 days of Lent (46 including the Sundays). To me, I figure this is the least I can do compared to what he has done for me.

Figure Skater, I Am Not

We took a group of students the other night ice skating at steinberg skating rink, noted to be the largest outdoor rink in the Midwest. What was fun about this event was that Kenedee was able to go with us and skate.  I managed to make it through the whole night without falling, although I’m definitely not the best ice skater. It was the perfect night for it, it wasn’t too cold, but just cold enough to enjoy being outside ice skating.

dscn0633Kenedee’s tiny little ice skates, how cute are they?

dscn0636This would be me trying to skate backwards while hanging on to my little girl. I actually managed to do it without letting her fall.

dscn0642This was the technique Kyle used to skate with her. It worked well for him, not so much for me. I think I managed to go about 10 feet skating with her like this and then Kyle had to come to my rescue.

dscn0639We had a great time ice skating. It’s fun when we can have student events where all of us get to participate.

Valentine’s Weekend: Fun with the Family

Okay, so I know it’s a bit late to be posting about this but things have been pretty busy lately. We had a great time over Valentine’s weekend. We decided to celebrate together as a family. We reserved a room at a hotel downtown, taking the Metrolink to get down there; which was great for Kenedee because in her little mind, it was a train that we were taking. The hotel was great; they upgraded us to a suite at no additional cost; it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? They had an indoor pool, so we took advantage of that. Then, the following morning we relaxed and hopped back on “the train” to our car and took her to the magic house, which was great, but we’ll probably never go back on a Saturday again, way too many people.

dscn0521Patiently waiting for “the train” to arrive.

dscn0525Stopped downtown for a drink at Kayak’s Coffeehouse.

She was so excited to go swimming.

dscn0543Drying off and warming up with Mommy.

dscn0581All ready for Valentine’s Day. (or as Kenedee says, “Valentimes”)

The only time we let her jump on beds is when we stay at hotels, so she really takes advantage of it.

dscn0623She braved climbing up the beanstalk at the Magic House. It was three floors high, it made me a bit nervous, but she did really well. We were so proud of her.

We had a really great weekend together, it was nice to get away and not have to travel very far to do it.



Girls Day Out

The weather was beautiful here yesterday; very rare for February. So, I decided to do a little girls day out with Kenedee.

dscn0500Our first stop was Starbucks; one of her favorite places to go believe it or not. She read her Highlights magazine, while I was able to read some of my book.

dscn0501Following Starbucks, we headed to the car wash. Kenedee likes it because she can watch our car go through “all by itself” as she says.

dscn0510While waiting for the car to be dried; she wanted to take pictures of us making silly faces.

dscn0516After the carwash, we headed to the park where we enjoyed a picnic lunch. Following lunch, we fed the ducks and she was able to play in the play area for a short while.

dscn0503I loved our little Girls Day Out. It doesn’t take much to make Kenedee happy and entertained. One of the sweetest things she did was just out of nowhere while we were driving, she said “Mommy, I Love You!” It just made my heart melt.




















Oh, the things she says…


I don’t think there is a day that goes by that our little Kenedee doesn’t say something that makes us giggle. The other day, she said something so precious. Our Parents As Teachers (a really great developmental tracking program offered by the school system) educator was over and had asked Kenedee what Santa had brought her for Christmas. We have decided not to do Santa with Kenedee for many reasons, but one of them be

ing that we don’t want to one day have to tell her that something she believed in isn’t real. So, her response to Lisa’s questions was, “Santa isn’t real, but Jesus is.” How precious is that.

My mom shared something with me today that she had said last night while staying at their house. My mom had told Kenedee that it was time to go to bed and Kenedee’s response was, “No, I have to do my homework first.” How she even knows about homework at 3 yrs. of age, I haven’t a clue. The way her little mind works is so funny to me; but I just love it.