Catching Up

Wow! The past two weeks have been crazy busy…haven’t had time to post. So….here’s a quick post about Easter. Over the next few days I’ll try and post some on our trip to California, sad that it went by so fast, but we had a blast. Anyway, more on that later. This Easter was different for us because it was the first Easter we didn’t have Mimi (the best mother-in-law ever) in town to celebrate with us since KJ has been in this world. We still had fun, but it would have been great to have her here.

dscn0926This was the first egg hunt of the day. We went to our community center which holds a huge egg hunt every year. It’s usually very busy and hard to find a parking spot for maybe 5 minutes of entertainment, still fun.

dscn0949Later that afternoon it was on to Trinity for another egg hunt and party. Here is Kenedee watching a musical performance, notice her friend Shiloh next to her covering her ears…the music was a bit loud.

dscn0973Of course what would the Saturday before Easter be like without dying eggs. This year we didn’t have much of a color variety, they all turned out to be some sort of shade of pink or purple…I wonder why?

dscn0974My pretty little girl on Easter morning showing off her goodies in her basket.

dscn0979I heart her!!




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