Straight out of the 80’s……well sort of.

We took a group of students bowling the other night, the theme was supposed to be 80’s bowling. So, the students and sponsors were to dress in their best 80’s gear. Not many students participated in dressing up, but it was still fun.







Surprisingly, she actually kept the headband on for a while. You can’t tell from the picture much, but she has bright purple eyeshadow on. She was so excited to get into Mommy’s make-up. (I only keep the purple eyshadow around for events like this I promise)










This would be my husband Kyle looking oh so fine sporting the mullet. I have to say I’d take his bald head over this look any day.











This would be my mom, doesn’t she look good? She really went all out.









Apparently I missed the memo on dressing up. Actually, I didn’t have much to work with from my own clothes and didn’t have time to go look for something. Maybe next time.


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