Time With My Girl

Kyle has been out of town this week, so it’s just been me and KJ for a few days. I decided to spend a little girl time with her today.


We started the morning off with breakfast at Bread Co. before she had to go to preschool. She got her favorite, a pumpkin muffie.

211After I picked her up from preschool, I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and we stopped at the park where she chased the ducks and fed them bread.

212Her smile melts my heart, we had the playground all to ourselves, it was nice.

213We ended the night with nail painting, popcorn and a movie. I love spending time with my daughter, although it was challenging at times this week not having Kyle around, we survived. It was so sweet when we were leaving the park today, she said, “I love spending time with you Mommy.” How precious is that, I love her to pieces.


Can You Guess?

This is our second year of deciding our Halloween costumes based on what Kenedee decides she want to dress up as, the ideas we came up with this year were great and made sense, however actually turning them into costumes wasn’t as easy.

DSCN2596So, any ideas as to what we might be (Hint: Kenedee was a butterfly)

I am supposed to be a caterpillar and Kyle is a cocoon (or chrysalis I guess is the more proper term) He was definitely called many other things that night other than a cocoon. It was fun and Kenedee enjoyed it so that was the best part, guess we’ll see what she comes up with next year, I’ve already heard her say she wants to be mermaid, don’t know where we’ll go with that one but so much can change in a year anyway.