Questions from Kenedee

Kenedee and I had quite an interesting conversation over breakfast this morning, I thought maybe we had passed the awkward questioning stage, but I guess not.

1. “Mommy when I was born did I come out of your belly or your legs?”

2. “Will this baby come out of your belly or your legs?”

3. “How does your heart break?”

4. “Why do people die?”

5. “What do you do in heaven?”

I mean really, how was I supposed to answer these questions, I told her that this baby will probably come out of mommy’s legs, I was waiting for the conversation to go further but it didn’t, she was content with that. Then I had to explain the phrase “broken heart” not meaning a physically broken heart, and then we had the conversation about when people die they go to be with Jesus in heaven and when you’re in heaven you get to hang out with Jesus and have fun all day, she was content with that and then decided that she doesn’t ever want to die. Wow, talk about a way to start off the morning!


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