Welcome Home Daddy

Kyle has been away from us this week. He took a group of college students on a mission trip to LA, yes that’s right, he was able to enjoy 60-70 degree weather while Kenedee and I suffered in the frigid cold, I think one night it got down to one degree.  Well, we’re very excited to have him home tomorrow evening, so in celebration, we decided to bake him a chocolate cake. Kenedee was quite the little helper in the kitchen.

And voila, we have a chocolate cake, sprinkles courtesy of Miss Kenedee Jane.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about Kyle going out of town this week, Kenedee is at the age where sometimes having both parents around makes things a little bit easier, especially with me being pregnant and tiring easily. I have to say though, we had a great week, I think I only had to put her in timeout twice, I think it helped that we didn’t have a lot of errand running to do and were able to stay inside and play and stay warm. The Lord definitely helped me with my patience this week. One thing  I have learned about Kenedee’s personality is that I just have to sit back and let her be as independant as she wants (unless she’s going to harm herself of course), even though my personality is the type to want to rush rush rush and get things done quickly, I can’t always do that with her. I love her so much and am thankful for the time we were able to have together this week.


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