26.2 for Africa

That’s what my hubby did last weekend. He ran a full marathon in Chicago for Team World Vision. We went up for the weekend with two other couples. It was very cold, but a lot of fun.

DSCN2557Here we are with our signs that we made during our hr. long train ride into the city. The funny thing is I think this is the only time the signs got held up was for this picture. We all got so excited and flustered when we saw our husbands that we forgot to hold up the signs.

DSC08707This was taken near the finish line, his knee was really bothering him, but he fought through it. We were able to see them at the 12 mile mark and at this point, thanks to our friend who had it all mapped out where we could see them.

DSCN2559So proud of all of them. Kyle’s one goal was to just finish and that’s exactly what he did. He ran it in 4h 25 min., at about a 10 minute pace.  He did so awesome!

DSCN2562Holding my man!


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