Why oh Why?

I’ve asked myself that a few times over the past few days when it comes to Kenedee, wondering why she does some of the things she does.

DSCN2537See Exhibit A above. This occurred while we were on our way home from Oklahoma waiting at a gas station. I had bought her a Kumon book for her to practice her cutting skills. She decided to practice her cutting skills on her own clothes, you can’t tell too well from the picture, but she actually made two slits in her pants and a couple holes in her shirt. When I asked her why she did it, she responded by saying that Daddy has jeans with holes in them.


Here’s the story behind these photos: I had the box of food coloring out, I was using the yellow. Kenedee had gone down to the basement to “play” (at least that’s what I thought she was doing) while I was doing some cooking. She comes up sometime later with the whole box of food coloring and says , “Here momma.” I asked her what she had been doing with them and she said nothing, “Promise Kenedee.” She responds with a “No.” (i’m not sure she knows what promise means) Then I hear her mumble the words, “I did something really bad mommy.” She proceeds to take show me her hands and then takes me downstairs (I was envisioning food coloring all over the carpet) She takes me into her play area and shows me the blue food coloring she had squeezed on some of her play kitchen toys, she must have got scared and stopped at the blue. I told her I appreciated her honesty but that we don’t play with food coloring.

So I often ask myself why she does some of the things she does, it’s hard sometimes not to laugh at her. I have to remember that she is still pretty young and is still into exploring and learning things for herself.


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