The Latest on Dad

I’m staying overnight with my dad tonight. He is doing wonderful, all tubes and drains are out and his pain is pretty much under control, he is still having  a little nausea, but it’s getting better than it was. It’s great to see him up and moving around a little bit more. Quick story on Kenedee, my dad used to tease her and say “Remember when we used to be friends.” He said this because she started to show a bit of favoritism towards my mom. So the other day Kenedee was with Kyle and said, “I think I know why Papa’s heart is hurt.” Kyle said, “Why?” She replied, “Because we’re not friends anymore.” Bless her little heart, she thought she hurt Papa’s heart, Kyle very quickly explained to her that was not why Papa’s heart was hurt. She has been up to the hospital a few times to see him and I think it’s been good for her to see that Papa is beginning to feel better. Just continue to pray that my dad continues to recover well from this, he is doing great.


One response to “The Latest on Dad

  1. What a precious baby girl! I’m so glad Charlies doing better we’ve been praying for him. Erin keeps saying “uncle Charlie’s a little bit sick”

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