Imagine this if you will: Kyle and I were enjoying a relaxing evening at home when all of a sudden out of nowhere comes three of our students bursting in the back door. I got up to see what was going on and the 3 girls started screaming, I thought for sure they were going to wake KJ up. They then proceeded to tie a sweatshirt around my head and hauled me out the front door with no shoes on and forced me into the van. I enjoyed a decaf white mocha from Starbucks while still blindfolded not knowing where they were taking me. We finally arrived at our destination after close to a 10 minute drive where they guided me up a grassy hill. They unveiled my eyes and revealed where we were. We were at what they refer to as “The Spot”, very cute. It is a hill that sits across from the airport and you can see planes fly overhead when landing and taking off. Unfortunately we didn’t see any land from our direction, but we did get to see a few take off. It was still nice to be outside on a cool summer night and watch the girls goof around.  I arrived home safely by 11:45, I  guess it’s just another joy of being a youth pastor’s wife.


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