DSCN2272I always knew this day would come. Today is the day that our baby was due. Never did I think it would come so fast, it seems like just yesterday we received the news that I had miscarried. I always thought that by this day I would be at a different place in life and would be expecting again. However, that is not the case. I have been quite hesitant to get pregnant again due to fear of having another miscarriage. It’s funny how you never realize how difficult something is for somebody until you experience it yourself. While it’s still difficult at times, I think I am finally coming to a place where I’m open to the possibility of letting whatever is meant to happen just happen on its own.  I’m trusting in the Lord that we will be blessed again with another little one. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t let fear control some of my decisions in life, but to just lay back and let the Lord guide me in everything. Never will this baby be forgotten.


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