Family Night # I Don’t Even Know

It has been so long since we’ve been able to do a family night that I sort of lost count. We chose a beach theme for our family night on Friday.

DSCN2200For the meal, we ate out of sand molds that I got on clearance at Target for $2 for the set of three (was very excited). We had mini octopuses atop a bed of shells. For the side we had “shrimp” or “yellow seaweed”, couldn’t decide what the peaches looked more like and of course we each had our own berry smoothie drink with handmade umbrellas because I couldn’t find the real ones anywhere.

DSCN2209We ate outside and let Kenedee eat in her swimsuit just as if we were at the beach and then we had fun playing with a “beach” ball.

DSCN2217We also played in her sand table and attempted to build a sand castle, definitely think beach sand is much better.

DSCN2189Our beach night couldn’t have been complete without our bucket of “sand” for dessert.

It was so nice having an entire day together with no plans, so it was a perfect night for a family night. It made me realize how much I enjoy doing them and I hope to be able to do it more often, maybe as summer winds down things will get less busy, at least that’s what I’m hoping.


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