Mommy, is it okay if…..

You never know what words may follow after that statement from my child’s mouth. Well, tonight it was something  I can’t believe she actually asked. She was in the bathtub and I had stepped out for a second. I came back in and she uttered the words, “Mommy, is it okay if you go potty in the bathtub?” I couldn’t believe what she had said. I said, “Why, did you?” Her response was, “No, but is it okay if you do?” I said, “Kenedee, you’re not in trouble if you did, but did you accidentally?” Her response: “Yes Mommy, but it was an accident.” I told her even though it was an accident that it was still yucky and that’s why she should try and go potty before taking a bath. I suppose it was better it was “titi” ( as we call it) rather than the other.


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