New Found Friendship

Over the past week, Kenedee has made friends with the little girl just down the street, we’ll call her “L”. It started off with them trying to have a conversation from across the street, they were both yelling at each other, so funny. Then “L” crossed the street a few days ago after getting permission from her momma and she’s been over almost every day since. It’s so funny, because I think she waits for us to get home and then she runs inside to ask if she can come over and play. She’s a few years older than KJ, but they manage to play along fairly well together. It’s nice being able to reach out and build community with our neighbors. “L” ‘s mom came over on Monday night to pick her up and stayed for a while and chatted in the backyard with us.

DSCN1443DSCN1444Here’s the pair playing at the sand/water table. When we bought it, we had told Kenedee to try and keep the sand on sand side and water on the water side. So, the day we set it up, “L” came over to play and what’s the first thing she does? She takes a big scoop of sand and dumps it on the water side. Oh well, right?


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