The Joys of Being a Youth Pastor’s Wife

Five of the past almost seven years of our marriage, my husband, Kyle has been serving as a full time youth pastor. I try to be as involved as I can aside from being a mother and a nurse. There are many things I love about serving with him. I love being an influence in our student’s lives and watching them grow. While it can be difficult at times with always being so busy, it is rewarding. Then there are those moments like last night when it just makes me laugh. Below are pictures of what we found in our car last night.

DSCN1370Yes, that’s right a few of our lovely girls decided to TP the inside of our car while we were in our financial peace class. It was partially my fault though because I forgot to lock KJ’s door.

DSCN1371KJ had fun helping clean up. Thankfully, the 3 suspects helped cleaned it up.

DSCN1369Then there are proud moments like these. This is only 4 of our 17 graduating seniors. They were the first of 4 schools to graduate out of everyone. There will be many more graduations and graduation parties to attend in the coming weeks, gotta love it!!



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