Dee Dee and Bella

My sister was in town visiting from Michigan over the weekend. It was such a treat to have her here over Mother’s Day weekend. Our niece, Isabella Marie is now close to 20 months old. She is such a joy. It was fun to see her and Kenedee (or Dee Dee as Bella calls her) interact with each other.

DSCN1257They are both quite the little bookworms.

DSCN1259This year they were both in the fashion show at the Spring brunch. Kenedee tried to keep Bella on track as best as she could.

DSCN1262DSCN1286Lots of kisses were given over the weekend.

DSCN1290Sharing an apple, it was so cute. 

DSCN1298We took the girls to the zoo, the weather couldn’t have been better. Our wagon came in handy.

Now that Isabella is getting a little older, it’s fun to see the two of them interact together.  A lot of the time at Mama and Papa’s was spent running around after each other screaming and laughing while Isabella was yelling out “Dee Dee!” So precious.


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