Being a Mother….


DSCN1283I love being a mother, although it can be very challenging at times. I think giving birth to a child is one of life’s greatest miracles and I am very fortunate to have been able to experience that with Kenedee. I am so thankful to have her, I can’t remember life without her. She definitely has her moments where she can be very difficult. In fact, I told my mom yesterday that whoever came up with the terrible twos must not have been a parents because Kenedee is going through the terrible threes and I have talked to many other mothers who have said the same things. I enjoy being able to provide for her and loving her with unconditional love. She makes my heart melt when she randomly comes and hugs me and tells me she loves me. My only hope is that she knows how much I really do love her and how she is one of God’s little children, I hope she experiences his love just as I have.


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