Tasty Tasty Club

So, we started this new thing with Kenedee called the Tasty Tasty Club in an effort to get her to eat a better variety of foods. The idea was not my own, it was from here. The reason for doing it is because Kenedee can be somewhat of a picky eater and I refuse to make a separate meal just for her. So, we printed off our Tasty Tasty Club punch card and every time she ate a serving of vegetables or a serving of something she claimed she didn’t like, she got a hole punch. Once she reached 7 punches (which took almost a month), she was able to pick somewhere to go to get a special treat. It’s been great because she has now discovered that she actually likes green beans, corn, and carrots (but only if they’re cooked).

So, for her special treat she decided to go to Fritz’s, which is a frozen custard place around here, very yummy. 

dscn0817Notice, we’re eating it in the car; normally we would enjoy it sitting outside, but  it was around 50 degrees outside, not the best weather for frozen custard. I was shocked at how many people were there too!

dscn0818I’m so thankful for the idea of the Tasty Tasty Club, so if you have a picky eater, maybe you should give it a try. We’ll see how long it takes her to fill up her second punch card and where she picks to go next.


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