I Might Have A Diva On My Hands

I think Kenedee might be in love with fashion a little too much for her age. As we all know, scarves are in right now.  I was just playing around the other day and put a smaller one I had on Kenedee, not expecting that she was going love it. She ended up wearing it most of the day and then this morning when Kyle got the basket of scarves/belts/ties out, she said “I want to wear my scarf.”

dscn0799She also loves her new Crocs ($5) find at the Crocs outlet. However, the pink ones we got her, she isn’t too crazy about wearing them because they don’t have jibbitz.

dscn0805I can’t pull off big sunglasses, but she sure did love trying them on when we were in Target.

dscn0811What better way to entertain a toddler than to let them try on all sorts of sunglasses, she loved it! Although, I really don’t get the point of these glasses.


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