Nobody is perfect, right?

dscn06941So, maybe I need to go back and read this chapter in my book again. Yesterday was just one of those days when I think I could have won the award for the worst Mom. I don’t know if it’s the change in weather or what, but Kenedee was giving me so much trouble yesterday. She wasn’t listening at all. She got up from her nap about 10-15 times I think; not sure because I lost track. I finally at one point pretty much lost it and screamed at her, which is not like me at all. I don’t know what it was that was in me that caused me to do that, but it was scary. Immediately after it happened, I felt horrible. The look on her face was so sad, I really think in that moment she might have been scared of me. I immediately prayed for forgiveness and asked the Lord for patience in that moment. I beat myself up about it for pretty much the remainder of the day; Kyle kept telling me over and over that it’s okay, everybody makes mistakes. Well, this is a mistake I don’t ever want to make again. I did apologize to Kenedee after it happened and she immediately forgave me and let me hold her in my arms and love on her. 

Does anyone else have moments like these?


3 responses to “Nobody is perfect, right?

  1. You are a great mom. As a matter of fact there are things that you do with kenedee that I think I should do that too. We all lose our patience every once in awhile, believe me I have had to do my share of apologizing to Erin. One thing about kids is they have such big hearts they forgive more easily than adults do. I have to pray every morning for patience. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Babe…I actually think its cool that you are so honest on here. It shows that you are human and need God’s help to be a better mom…we all need that help. Your not alone and want to make sure you know and everyone else on here that reads this knows that you are an amazing mom and you make me wanna be a better dad! I love you and can’t wait to spend this week with you in chicago working with the students!

  3. You are not alone. I am guilty of losing my patience and getting angry with my kids. It happens. I definitely have learned to be upfront with my kids when I lose control and as soon as possible, I apologize. Sometimes the walls may feel like they are closing in on me, but then the moment passes and the sun shines again. It is a shame that mom’s don’t share your honesty with one another more frequently. I am proud of you for being bold enough to put it out there. Again, you are not alone.

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