She doesn’t quite enjoy the Great Outdoors

The weather was absolutely beautiful here yesterday. We took a trip to Lone Elk Park. We saw elk and bison. It is really a beautiful area. We attempted to have a picnic lunch outside, which was a great idea until Kenedee spotted a bug that had landed on her arm. She didn’t enjoy that at all, and started making her way back to the car.  Then the rest of they day everywhere we went, she would ask, “Will there be bugs there?” Bless her heart, she is just not an insect lover.

dscn0676This was a herd of bison that was just feet from our car.

dscn0679Enjoying or picnic in the back of our car.

Bugs (short video of what she thinks about them)

dscn0687We also visited the World Bird Sanctuary where they had all kinds of owls, eagles, and many other birds. I’m not a huge fan of birds, but they were fun to look at and Kenedee enjoyed it, which I suppose is all that matters.

We’re hoping she will get to a point where she enjoys being outside and isn’t worried about all the “bugs”.



2 responses to “She doesn’t quite enjoy the Great Outdoors

  1. love the new look
    i have the same problem, i hate bugs but just tell her she can make kyle kill them thats what i make my dad do

  2. It must be a girl thing about the bugs. Yesterday we were outside in the front and Erin spotted a bug so we had to move to the back yard to be sure we were away from the bug. Aiden on the other hand decided it would be fun to chase the bug. Those are cute pictures of her glad you had a fun day yesterday.

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