Figure Skater, I Am Not

We took a group of students the other night ice skating at steinberg skating rink, noted to be the largest outdoor rink in the Midwest. What was fun about this event was that Kenedee was able to go with us and skate.  I managed to make it through the whole night without falling, although I’m definitely not the best ice skater. It was the perfect night for it, it wasn’t too cold, but just cold enough to enjoy being outside ice skating.

dscn0633Kenedee’s tiny little ice skates, how cute are they?

dscn0636This would be me trying to skate backwards while hanging on to my little girl. I actually managed to do it without letting her fall.

dscn0642This was the technique Kyle used to skate with her. It worked well for him, not so much for me. I think I managed to go about 10 feet skating with her like this and then Kyle had to come to my rescue.

dscn0639We had a great time ice skating. It’s fun when we can have student events where all of us get to participate.


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