Valentine’s Weekend: Fun with the Family

Okay, so I know it’s a bit late to be posting about this but things have been pretty busy lately. We had a great time over Valentine’s weekend. We decided to celebrate together as a family. We reserved a room at a hotel downtown, taking the Metrolink to get down there; which was great for Kenedee because in her little mind, it was a train that we were taking. The hotel was great; they upgraded us to a suite at no additional cost; it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? They had an indoor pool, so we took advantage of that. Then, the following morning we relaxed and hopped back on “the train” to our car and took her to the magic house, which was great, but we’ll probably never go back on a Saturday again, way too many people.

dscn0521Patiently waiting for “the train” to arrive.

dscn0525Stopped downtown for a drink at Kayak’s Coffeehouse.

She was so excited to go swimming.

dscn0543Drying off and warming up with Mommy.

dscn0581All ready for Valentine’s Day. (or as Kenedee says, “Valentimes”)

The only time we let her jump on beds is when we stay at hotels, so she really takes advantage of it.

dscn0623She braved climbing up the beanstalk at the Magic House. It was three floors high, it made me a bit nervous, but she did really well. We were so proud of her.

We had a really great weekend together, it was nice to get away and not have to travel very far to do it.




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