Girls Day Out

The weather was beautiful here yesterday; very rare for February. So, I decided to do a little girls day out with Kenedee.

dscn0500Our first stop was Starbucks; one of her favorite places to go believe it or not. She read her Highlights magazine, while I was able to read some of my book.

dscn0501Following Starbucks, we headed to the car wash. Kenedee likes it because she can watch our car go through “all by itself” as she says.

dscn0510While waiting for the car to be dried; she wanted to take pictures of us making silly faces.

dscn0516After the carwash, we headed to the park where we enjoyed a picnic lunch. Following lunch, we fed the ducks and she was able to play in the play area for a short while.

dscn0503I loved our little Girls Day Out. It doesn’t take much to make Kenedee happy and entertained. One of the sweetest things she did was just out of nowhere while we were driving, she said “Mommy, I Love You!” It just made my heart melt.





















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