Oh, the things she says…


I don’t think there is a day that goes by that our little Kenedee doesn’t say something that makes us giggle. The other day, she said something so precious. Our Parents As Teachers (a really great developmental tracking program offered by the school system) educator was over and had asked Kenedee what Santa had brought her for Christmas. We have decided not to do Santa with Kenedee for many reasons, but one of them be

ing that we don’t want to one day have to tell her that something she believed in isn’t real. So, her response to Lisa’s questions was, “Santa isn’t real, but Jesus is.” How precious is that.

My mom shared something with me today that she had said last night while staying at their house. My mom had told Kenedee that it was time to go to bed and Kenedee’s response was, “No, I have to do my homework first.” How she even knows about homework at 3 yrs. of age, I haven’t a clue. The way her little mind works is so funny to me; but I just love it.


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