Gettin A Little Crafty

With Kenedee having a bit of the sniffles this week, we opted to keep her out of the cold.  This was a bit disappointing because we received our first and possible only snow of the year and we didn’t get to enjoy it. So, I tried to come up with an activity KJ and I could do indoors. My idea came from Kenedee’s abundant supply of crayons and an idea I’ve seen on another blog I read. So, we went through her crayons and picked out the random restaurant crayons and broken ones as well.

dscn0458With little KJ’s help peeling the paper off and breaking the crayons, this is what we started with.

dscn0460Second step was to divide them up into cupcake liners and put them in the oven to let the melt together.

dscn0462This was the end result; fun little multicolored crayons. The only thing I would probably do different is to maybe put more in the liner or put them in some sort of cupcake/candy mold pan that has shapes in it. We may end up just re-melting these pieces since Kenedee colored with them for all of about 2 minutes. The important part is that she enjoyed it.



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