Family Night/Day #11

Well, for this family time, I decided to incorporate a little love, and yes I do know it’s not Valentine’s Day yet; but love can be celebrated year round, right? The inspiration for this family time was from a package I received last week from a very dear friend of mine; Sara. She sent a whole box of fun things, some of which included heart shaped cookie cutters and all the fixins to make sugar cookies.

dscn0432I decided to make double use of the cookie cutters and we ate heart shaped pancakes; as you can see from the picture, Kenedee was really focused on getting those shapes just right.

dscn0435We all ate on pink plates. During our meal, we each went around and said why we loved each other; it took Kenedee a while to try and think of why she loved us; she had many reasons for why she loved Riley though (our dog).

dscn0448Later in the evening, we made our heart shaped cookies. Kenedee loved the fact that she was able to decorate the cookies all on her own. 

dscn0451These were the final sweet masterpieces.

We had a LOVEly time together; I cherish every moment I have with my family.


3 responses to “Family Night/Day #11

  1. Heather,

    I am so proud of you and also envious of the wonderful relationship you have with your family. You were always the one…..wish I could turn back the years and give it another try; only differently this time.

    Love Ya!

    Aunt Shirley

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