Did she really just say that? (#2)

Kenedee is so excited about being a big sister and I think she is going to make a great one.  There is one discussion that has quite an opinion on and that is whether she wants to have a baby sister or brother. She is really hopeful for a baby sister, she wont’ even consider the fact that it may be a brother. So, tonight out of nowhere, she answered the question of, “Well, Kenedee what if it is a boy and you have a baby brother?” Her response was, “I’ll give it back to Jesus and ask if  I can have a girl.” Where does she come up with these things I don’t know. It was sweet to know that she knows Jesus has a part in making the baby, but I’m a little concerned about what her response will be if it really turns out to be a boy, I guess only time will tell.


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