Family Night #10: New Tradition

We are trying to come up with some Christmas traditions to be carried out every year; things that Kenedee will remember when she is older. So, I saw this idea on a blog that I follow. We put Kenedee to bed a little earlier the other night, waited about 10 minutes and then went in and woke her up.

dscn0192dscn0193This is the look of confusion we received when we walked in the room. She didn’t quite know what to think of us getting her out of bed, she’s used to us trying to keep her in bed.

dscn0195Once we explained what we were going to be doing, she was ready to go! She was so excited that she was getting to go out of the house in her new Christmas jammies (which is another tradition we started-she’ll get a pair every year).

dscn0198We went to Starbucks and indulged in a salted caramel hot chocolate (one of my favorites right now). It was extra special for Kenedee because she had her very own Starbucks cup to drink out of. After Starbucks, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights, a little disappointed that not too many houses around here had them up, but Kenedee didn’t seem to notice. She kept saying how it was a special night and that we won’t do it every night. I’m thankful for the idea and look forward to it again next year.


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