O Christmas Tree

We were finally able to find a day to go and get our Christmas tree. We try and do it the day after Thanksgiving, but this year it didn’t work out that way with us being out of town. So, we went on Friday, which was Kyle’s day off. We went in the morning, which was so nice because we were the only ones out on the lot.  It was so cold, and of course it took what seemed like forever for us the to find one that we all liked. But  that’s just part of the experience, right?


dscn0054Helping Daddy cut the tree down.

dscn0050She was still smiling after being out in the cold for so long. She did so well. Of course the tree we found was at the very back of the lot so Kyle had to haul it quite a ways. 

dscn0072The final result. The tree was a little bit shorter than what we had thought, they always look so much taller when you’re out on the lot. At least we didn’t go the Griswold route and get a tree that was enourmous.

dscn0066She was so excited to put the new ornament on the tree that her Mama got her. This year was fun decorating because she was actually able to hang the ornaments on the tree by herself.


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