Family Night #9: Everything Ginger

There wasn’t a whole lot of thought put into this family night. It was simple, but fun. We went with a ginger theme for tonight, figured it was perfect for the Christmas season.

dscn0023On the menu for the night was ginger sesame pork, gingerbread shaped rolls and I even put a little twist on green beans and sauteed them in a ginger sesame soy sauce that I kind of made up. They surprisingly tasted really good.

dscn0021What better drink to complement our meal than a little ginger ale. (Thanks for the idea Kels.)

dscn0028Kenedee actually ate a little bit of everything which is quite rare for her. She is such a picky eater these days. I’m hoping she gets over it soon.

dscn0043We ended the night by starting to make our own gingerbread house. We didn’t realize it was going to be such a long process, so Kenedee and I decorated it today. This is the finished piece.

Family night was fun, and I think Kenedee is starting to enjoy them more and more so she is willing to participate a little bit more. I don’t think we’ll be able to do them every week, but we try and fit them in when we can.


One response to “Family Night #9: Everything Ginger

  1. it surely does not look like you “didn’t put a whole lot of thought” into it. that’s probably just because creativity comes so easily to you because its such a gift of yours! thanks for the blog reference. ps.. your a great mom.

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