My First Black Friday

img_3157This was my first early Black Friday shopping experience. And by early I mean ridiculously early. I’m talking 3:00 in the am, thankfully there was a Starbucks open to wake me up a little. Along with me were my mom and awesome husband. My dad decided to stay back “to be with Kenedee”, although my brother stayed back too, so he would have been fine staying with Kenedee, I think Papa just didn’t want to get out and shop so early. We hit Kohl’s, Walmart, and Target. I do have to say it is true madness! We’re talking people chanting in line while at Kohls; TV’s and cameras being passed through the crowd at Walmart. We found some very good deals, got a lot of shopping out of the way. We were able to buy coats for a family of 4 that our youth group is sponsoring from the St. Louis Crisis Nursery. It was a great experience, this afternoon we are off to do some more shopping, it should be fun.


2 responses to “My First Black Friday

  1. glad your first experience was so memorable. 3:00 am IS ridiculously early! Starbucks let me down this morning.. opening the usual time. Glad you had it to help you out. I’m going to Branson to shop next year!

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