Princess Tea

Today was Kenedee’s 3rd birthday party. We had a Princess Tea Party for her. She is very into all the princesses right now.

img_3091This was the teapot cake that I spent hours making.

img_3105So focused on decorating her tiara.

img_3111All the girls had their own little teacups and saucers to paint. They all did so well, no paint spills or huge messes.

img_3096The food spread. I was so worried we weren’t going to have enough, but Kyle kept telling me, “Fishes and loaves babe, fishes and loaves.” Of course, he was right, we had plenty to go around.

img_3120This during the singing of “Happy Birthday to You!” I couldn’t believe she was actually smiling, she normally doesn’t like that much attention.

Her party turned out better than I had hoped. We stressed our selves the week prior trying to get the basement finished, but it was worth it. I think I’d do anything (within reason) for my little princess. For more pics. go here.




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