Family Night #8

For this family night, we celebrated Kenedee’s 3rd birhtday, I can’t believe she is 3 already.  It has gone by so fast.img_5267For breakfast, we had one of her favorites; pancakes.  I attempted to make into a Mickey Mouse shape.

img_5273That evening, we took her to a place called Planet Fun. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but it was actually really fun. There were tons of crawl through tunnels and slides. She had a blast.

img_5274This is her playing skee=ball. She couldn’t quite figure out how to swing her arm the right way, I think it was a bit awkward for her. So cute.

img_3073Testing out one of her gifts from Mama and Papa.

img_3077This year she was almost able to blow out her candles all by herself. I don’t think she even noticed that she had a little help.


One response to “Family Night #8

  1. planet fun! that use to be the “tumbledrum” place i was telling you about! glad you guys had such a good time. can’t believe she’s three.

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