Her “Little Secret”

Tonight Kenedee was yelling out Daddy which isn’t unusual for her these days, especially at bedtime. So, I go in there and she tells me “I said Daddy.” I told her how Daddy was down working in the basement and she told me she had to tell him something and it was a secret. So, I go and get Kyle and their conversation went a little like this:

KJ: “I have a secret from mommy, 5 questions”

Kyle told her to go ahead with question #1 which was “Why do you have hair right there?” (referring to his soul patch)

Question #2 “Why do you have two eyes?”

Question #3 “Why do you have a head?”

Question #4 “Why do my clothes hang right there?” (referring to her closet that doesn’t have doors on it yet)

There was no question 5 because Kyle stopped her. It amazes me how her little mind works sometimes. Although this was supposed to be her secret from me, this one time where Kyle just couldn’t resist telling me.


One response to “Her “Little Secret”

  1. Awwe!! That’s adorable!! I love how little kids think! I think that we should all strive to think more like little kids to sometimes in certain situations. It’s hard to believe that Kenedee is 3 years old already! =] Even harder for you to believe I’m guessing. Have a GREAT week, Heather!!


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