My $5 Find

We had a huge rummage sale last weekend. All the money raised went to the students for mission trips, camps, and any other youth activities. While helping with organizing and pricing, I came across a little wooden rocking chair, perfect for my little Kenedee. I’ve been wanting to get her one, but didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money. 

img_5262img_5264After a little TLC and paint, it turned out great. Her toes don’t quite touch the floor yet so it’s kind of hard for her to rock in it, but she’ll grow into it. By the, this was taken in our basement with our newly laid carpet, well it’s almost finished being laid in this picture.  The before picture was previous to the carpet being laid. There is a story behind the to be shared later.


4 responses to “My $5 Find

  1. Love the little chair. I am enjoying second hand stuff more and more. You did a great job painting it. She’ll enjoy it and you’ll have a sweet story to tell her about how you got it.

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