Family Night #7

 We decided to try and incorporate our “Halloween” into a family night.  Kenedee was Tinkerbell, so we went with a Peter Pan theme.  I wasn’t able to come up with a lot of activites due to lack of time, so it was simple, but fun.

img_5261We started the morning off by eating toast sprinkled with a little “pixie dust”.

peter-pan-in-return-to-never-land-pixie-powered2After running some errands, Kenedee was able to skip her afternoon nap and we watched a movie.  We wanted to get the original Peter Pan, but they were out of it, so we had to settle for this one.  She still enjoyed it.







img_3018We ended the night by dressing up in our theme for our Trunk or Treat.  Yes, that is my man in tights, such a good sport. He is Peter Pan, I was Wendy and Kenedee was, of course, Tinkerbell.  Someone told us we should have decorated our trunk like Neverland, that would have been a great addition, but oh well. The night was perfect, I think Kyle might have got a little chilly in his tights. As I said before, it was simple, but fun. We were together, which is what’s most important.

For more great family night ideas, you should visit Heather’s blog!


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