All Better

I’m happy to report Kenedee is almost back to 100%, she’s not eating quite as well as normal, but she’s definitely back to little miss busy busy. With her being sick we weren’t able to have a family night this week, and today Kyle had to get a test done on his foot which has been bothering him for a couple weeks now, and tomorrow we head to our fall retreat with the students, it should be fun. Kenedee will be spending the weekend with Mama and Papa.

 Yesterday we experimented with soapy fingerpaint (an idea I took from my Parents magazine)

It is so easy to make, using a foam soap dispenser;

-Fill with about an inch of liquid soap

-Add food coloring

-Fill with water the rest of the way

-It’s fun and easy to clean up after


2 responses to “All Better

  1. glad the girl is finally better. your such a fun mom doing all these cute projects! can’t wait till our retreat tomorrow.

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