Family Night (Day) #4

Well, we decided to do our family time during the day today. My sister is in town this week, so it just worked out better to do a family day today since we were already planning on going to the zoo today. So, we decided to do an animal theme day.

We started the day off by going to a potter studio and Kenedee picked out an otter to paint, or as she would say, “No Momma it’s a seal.”

She was quite the little artist, the otter is going to be very colorful.

We spent the afternoon at the zoo, which was the inspiration for the theme.

We’ve taken her picture at this spot every time we’ve gone to the zoo. She’s almost as tall as a river otter.

Throughout the day, we snacked on animal crackers.

So, that was our family time today. We had checked out some animal books at the library for Kenedee to look at while we were at the zoo and try and find the animals in the book. However, in the chaos of getting everything together, they got left at home, oh well! It was a fun low key family day!


3 responses to “Family Night (Day) #4

  1. Heather, I just sat and looked at your family nights again. I am really impressed. Seriously. The time you take to plan out these special days is amazing and inspiring. You adore your family and it is obvious. I am thankful for you. You encourage me to be a creative and thoughtful wife and mom.

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