Room Time

 Well, Kyle and I started this new thing with Kenedee.  I actually got the idea from a cousin of mine.  Every day (well we try and do it every day) we have a time for Kenedee to go and play in her room. We put on some music for her, usually we start out playing with her but then she gets time to herself.  It’s gone pretty well, there have been a couple of times where she’s said she is done after about 5-10 minutes, which is fine because we don’t want to force it on her. However, on they days where she’s stayed in there longer it’s been nice because I can get things accomplished that I need to do. It also frees up time for me to play with her so I’m not always saying, “Hold on a minute, let me do this real quick”, or “Let me do this first and then we’ll play.” It also teaches her to play independantly, which I think is something that is good for her; after all she is Miss Independant with just about everything else.


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