Family Night #3 – Opaa!

In case you hadn’t already guessed, we went with a greek theme for our family night.  Yes, toga parties aren’t only meant for fraternities and sororities. We had a little trouble getting Kenedee to keep the toga on, but just as before, she left it on for a picture.

This would be her trying to hide from us so she didn’t have to put the toga on.

Surprisingly, we managed to get a smile out of her. The toga came off shortly after this pic.

The activity of the evening was bobbing for grapes. Kenedee and Kyle don’t like olives, so we had to make a bit of an adjustment. She only did it once and then realized it was easier to just use her hands to get the grapes out of the bowl.

On the menu was our own version of gyros, (without lamb), hummus with pita bread, and I made baklava. 


Once again family night was a success, we made  it through without too many tears. For more great family night ideas, visit this blog.


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