Apple Doll

Well, here it is, the apple doll that we started on our family night. It’s definitely different, however Kenedee enjoys it.

She decided to dress it up in Cinderella’s dress.

Oh so proud of her one of a kind apple doll.



One response to “Apple Doll

  1. Hey Heather! I was delighted to hear from you. Your family is super cute! The apple doll just totally rocks. Sweet memories.

    About room time. All of my kids have had room time. I started them with it when they were just sitting up in their pack and play while I would take showers years ago. Basically, you need to child proof her room. Get a CD player in there. Play some familiar tunes. Give her a drink and maybe even a snack if you are brave. Let her play in there at first with the door cracked for like 10 minutes. Gradually add time and shut the door. Always letting her know, of course, that you are near and able to help if needed. But, also communicate to her your need for alone time, too. Be affirming. Celebrate 2 minutes if that is all she does at first. Stay with her for a few minutes and set up something, like Little People in their farm or start building a house with blocks. Encourage play. You do this all the time for her.
    Be consistent. And pick the same time of day to do it. Show her that this is going to be a regular thing and part of her, big girl, day.
    Is this making sense? It is not you locking your kid away. It is you creating an environment for Kenedee to feel safe, creative, and independent in. Plus, you get to make a phone call, clean a toilet or just sit and watch a little Oprah.

    Hope that helps. Please email me or comment on our blog anytime! I love it.

    Have a great Thursday and I will be checking your blog now. 🙂


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