Family Night #1

We have always tried to have a family night once a week, but just recently we’ve decided to do theme family nights.  Tonight was our first one which we decided to make a japanese theme.  The creativity was mine, but I must admit the inspiration for my family nights came from another mother’s blog that I read.  Our nights together are so important to us because a lot of other nights during the week we either have church activities or I’m working, so we try to have at least one night together of family time.  We figured it would be fun to throw themes into the mix so we’ll see how it goes. The inspiration for this theme night came from a kimono that I received for Kenedee before she was even born and she has never had the chance to wear it, so we figured tonight would be perfect. She wasn’t too happy about wearing it, so we just kept it on for pictures.

I felt so bad, but she just looked so cute.

We thought maybe taking the pants off would help, but obviously no, so shortly after this picture the kimono came off.

For food, we had japanese stack ups, edemame, and “green tea” which was just iced tea with green food coloring.

For dessert, we made our own version of sushi with rice krispy treats, gummy worms and fruit roll ups. Way too much sugar, Kenedee didn’t handle it very well, I think it was 10:00 before she finally went to bed. 

To end the night, we did a little origami.

So, I think our first themed family night was a success after we got over the drama with the kimono in the beginning.  There will be others to come hopefully weekly if we can manage to come up with ideas every week.


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