Day of Firsts

Today was quite the busy but fun day.  Kenedee experienced just a couple of firsts.  We visited the Science Center today which was her first time.  We discovered she is still a bit young to really enjoy all the exhibits, but we still managed to have fun


She was so focused...for about 10 seconds and then on to something else

She was so focused...for about 10 seconds and then on to something else


She didn’t mind this dinosaur at all.  However, the exhibit with the huge mechanical T-Rex was quite a different story.  Even as we were heading down to the lower level she spotted it off in the distance and said ever so sweetly, “Mommy I not want to go see that dinosaur it’s scary!” (she doesn’t quite have her grammar perfect yet).  So, we tried to ease her into seeing it, but she wanted nothing to do with it.  In fact at one point she ran to her stroller for safety rather than Kyle.  But when we were leaving I finally at lease was able to get her to say bye-bye to the big T-Rex.

And the second and last “first of the day”….

I actually let her step foot outside without a shirt on.  Can you believe it?  For those of you that know me, I would not normally let this happen but we she was in the middle of taking her shirt off because she had spilled on it and we were going to be giving her a bath so I didn’t want to put a clean shirt on her and she wanted to help me water the flowers.  So, I actually gave in and let her come outside to help me without a shirt. So, treasure this picture because this will probably be the only time I’ll let this happen.


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